Our free standing dog kennels are second to none when it comes to safe, long-lasting, and reliable confinement of your special little friend.

All of our kennels are made to order and can be configured to fit any available space regardless of length, width, or height. As with any of our chain link products, we can build your kennel with colored vinyl-coated materials. Various chain link mesh sizes are also available.

Please, don’t be fooled by the low priced kennel panels available at your local big box retailers. If you trust that your beloved pet will be safe in a substandard kennel, you would both be much better off with a nice piece of rope.

Over the course of the last thirty years, we have built animal containment enclosures for everything from bunnies to polar bears, and have never had an escape. We sleep very well, and so should you.

We have had clients that have bought kennels from us, used them for several pets over the years, and sold them for exactly what they paid for them. You can’t beat an investment like that.