Custom Fabrication

Of all the unique services we offer, custom fabrication allows us to really put our imagination, creativity, and fabrication skills to the test.

In addition to the usual equipment you would expect to see in a full service fabrication shop we also have a CNC plasma cutting table which, when properly programmed, is capable of truly amazing precision. Please, take a look at the photos of the commemorative Aerial Lift Bridge and Field Logic logo as examples.

Most of our products can be traditionally painted, powder coated, or plated in a wide variety of durable colors and textures.

We’re always amazed at the creative clients we have had the good fortune to associate with, and truly enjoy making their visions a reality. There are few things more satisfying than taking a rough idea and transforming it into tangible, finished piece.

If you have a great idea, but not the ability, time, or equipment to make it a reality, we would love to hear from you.