Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing has always been and remains the biggest bang for your fencing buck.  It is extremely sturdy, virtually maintenance free, and is available in a height and weight to protect everything from a two year old toddler playing in his backyard to confining a hardened criminal in a maximum security facility.

Besides the traditional galvanized materials, chain link is also available aluminized or vinyl coated.  Available in black, dark brown, or forest green; the beauty of vinyl clad fencing is that it blends into the background and becomes almost invisible.

Every aspect of the chain link materials that we sell is substantially higher quality than what is available to the general public at local big box retailers.  We buy directly from the manufacturers to save you money and provide you with the finest fencing products available.

All of our fence posts, regardless of size or location, are set in concrete.  It takes longer and costs a little more, but if you want your fence to stay where it was installed and looking like new, it’s worth the extra effort.  We prefer to do things right the first time.